Soapstone kitchen countertops



Here is a list of questions that have come from different clients. If there are any others you would like answered - go to our "Contact Us" page and we will get back to you.

We thank Paul Carroll, from Soapstone Counters (Canadian Soapstone), for his kind cooperation.

Where is the soapstone from?

Our quarry is located in East Broughton, a small community located in southern Quebec, Canada.

What about color?

Primarily composed of talc, soapstone is light blue/gray when fresh from the quarry, but its surface oxidizes over time, deepening in color and developing an attractive patina.

Must I use a sealant?

Unlike marble or granite, soapstone does not require a sealant to protect it from staining, so when you run your hand across its surface you feel the stone.

Are samples available?

Yes. We can ship a small piece of soapstone on which you can apply mineral oil. Please use our contact form to provide us with the shipping address. A small fee may apply.

How durable are soapstone counters?

A soapstone countertop is solid rock that will last many lifetimes. It is so dense that it allows nothing to penetrate it, not even bacteria. It is impossible to stain. Heat will not affect it; it's used to build fireplaces. Apart from the initial treatment with mineral oil and the occasional wiping with the oil the countertops no extra care.

I've heard that you can scratch it?

Yes, it will scratch when you try and it will scratch accidentally. The beauty of soapstone is that with a simple wipe with mineral oil, the small scratches are gone. If the scratch is more intense, a light sanding and mineral oil will be required. I have experienced many products in my twenty years building custom homes and I can honestly say that soapstone is a product that lasts forever with very little maintenance. Use it like we do - see photo.

How should we schedule the work?

It all depends on your project. We recommend that you check with the distributor nearest to you.
He will be in a better position to inform you about the various delays.